Where is the best place to buy a used adult's bike?

If you haven't cycled for a few years, buying a bike can be a real eye opener. Do you want a road bike? A mountain bike? Or how about an e-bike? And then there's the prices. Compared to "back in the day", there's no getting away from the fact that modern bikes can be eye wateringly expensive. So what about buying a used bike?

Classified ads on websites like Gumtree are full of people selling all types of used bikes and e-bikes. You may get lucky and find just what you're looking for at a great price, but buying from classifieds brings some dangers.

First of all, you have no guarantee of the quality of what you're buying. At best you could find yourself facing a repair bill for more than you paid for the bike when things go wrong. With used e-bikes there is also the issue of battery safety. How do you know that the e-bike you are buying is safe? 

At iCycle Ltd we offer pre-loved bikes from £60 as well as a sleect range of refurbished electric bikes. Every bike is checked over by our professional mechanics and comes with a 3 month warranty. Compare our prices against private ads and you'll see that we're often cheaper or certainly better value when you factor in the peace of mind of buying from an established business that has specialised in electric bikes since 2012. How do we do it? We are passionate about helping more people enjoy the health benefits and shear fun of cycling, and offering low cost pre-loved bikes is our way of doing that.

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