How to fix an e-bike puncture

Getting a puncture on an e-bike is often enough to convince even an eternal optimist in the validity of Murphy's Law. The dreaded hiss of air will never be heard outside a bike shop with mechanics idly looking for something to do or an empty country pub on a sunny day. No, without doubt it will be raining, miles from anywhere, and possibly in a mobile blackspot so you can't call home for help. If you're returning to cycling after many years, carrying a spare inner tube or puncture repair kit is probably (understandably) the last thing on your mind. If you want a refresher in repairing punctures the video below from Global Cycling Network is a great guide. However, a leisurely repair in your garage or shed is a lot different to a repair at the side of a road or trail. Not least because of the weight of your e-bike.

The motor and battery mean e-bikes often weight 30-40lbs. When you're riding, you don't notice this but if you have to remove the back wheel to replace or repair the inner tube you most certainly will. Fortunately punctures can be totally eliminated with the use of airless tyres.

Prevention is better than cure

If you grew up in the 1970s you may remember the solid rubber tyres that were often fitted to children's bikes. Whilst being totally indestructable these tyres were also hard as the hobs of Hell and offered all the comfort of riding atop an out of control jack hammer. Fast forward to the 21st century and some very clever people at Tannus Tyres invented airless tyres that feel and ride just like their air filled countrerparts. The only difference is that because they don't contain air, you can't puncture them.

At iCycle we have been fitting Tannus Airless tyres to e-bikes since they first launched. In fact, pretty much all of our team use Tannus Airless tyres on their own bike and e-bikes. They're that good. iCycle founder Ian has ridden the length of France on Tannus Airless tyres.

Those members of the iCycle team that don't use Airless tyres have opted for another revolutionary Tannus product: Armour inserts.

Tannus Armour inserts go inside a regular tyre and then an inner tube goes inside the Armour. Don't assume that the name Armour means these are rigid and uncomfortable. Tannus Armour are made from a flexible polymer that moves with your tyre. It provides an additional 15mm of puncture protection beneath the tread of your tyre (the most common site of punctures). So even if something does puncture your tyre, in 90% of cases it won't puncture the inner tube.

Tannus puncture prevention solutions

Choosing between Airless and Armour

So which is the right choice for e-bike owners who want to avoid the hassle of punctures? Tannus Airless tyres are designed for use on the road or hard surfaces. Off road bikes have larger tyres with knobbly tread. So if you have an e-mountain bike or gravel bike then Tannus Armour is the choice for you. Tannus Armour is available for bikes that use inner tubes or tubeless tyre systems.

At iCycle we offer a full fitting service for Tannus Airless tyres and Armour inserts. To find out more give us a call on 01772 347 927 or 01200 442 306 or drop by the shop.