Liz Allan and Ian Gibbs – Riding into the Future; the Growing Popularity of Electric Bikes

Episode 66: Liz Allan and Ian Gibbs – Riding into the Future; the Growing Popularity of Electric Bikes.

Liz Allan speaks to Ian Gibbs, Founder and Director of ICYCLE Ltd.  Ian shares his journey from starting his own company to becoming a passionate advocate for cycling. They explore the benefits of electric bikes, including their impact on the environment, improving fitness and the way we move.  Ian also explains the unique customer experience at Icycle Limited, where visitors can test out different bikes before making a purchase.

Ian Gibbs Bio:
Ian Gibbs is a compassionate individual who recognised a barrier preventing some children from participating in the Bikeability programme. Noticing that not all children had access to bikes, Ian was determined to find a solution. Inspired by the countless bikes gathering dust in people’s sheds, he established Cycles Recycled. The company aimed to give these unused bikes to children who needed them, ensuring that parents did not have to pay full price for a bike their child would eventually outgrow. Ian’s passion for cycling took a new direction when he discovered electric bikes. Seeing their potential, he started selling electric bikes separately from recycled ones and founded ICYCLE Limited. Since then, his shop has become a go-to destination for electric bike enthusiasts, offering a unique customer experience with a wide selection of bikes and personalised assistance.

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