Bike and e-Bike Servicing Clitheroe

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Bike and e-Bike Servicing

At iCycle we offer a complete workshop service, including bike and e-bike servicing and repairs, just a few minutes walk from Clitheroe station. For the home bike mechanic we stock a range of tools and accessories, replacement parts as well as lubes and consumbales.

Routine Servicing

Whether you ride your e-bike 12 months of the year or only in Summer, regular servicing is essential. Not only will this help to protect your investment, it will ensure every ride ends with a smile on your face. Common problems like jumping gears or noisy brakes are easily avoidable with a routine service. We understand that many people are counting their coffers these days, but putting off your bike service will usually ends up being a false economy. Correct setup and adjustment now can prevent premature wear of expensive components or even an accident.

Bosch e-bike Diagnostics

At iCycle our workshop is authorised to carry out Bosch e-bike servicing and diagnostics. We provide you with a detailed report that covers your Bosch drive system and battery health. We also make sure your e-bike by ensuring it is operating on the latest software. To book your Bosch diagnostic test call us on 01772 347 927.

Bike and e-Bike Repairs

iCycle offers a full repair service for both bikes and e-bikes. From puncture repairs or replacing worn tyres, to new brake cables or fitting a more comfy saddle, we'll have you back on your bike in no time. To book a repair call us on 01772 347 927.

Basic Bike Maintenance Courses

Our experienced mechanics are experts at maintaining all types of bikes. We offer basic bike maintenance courses, including a 2 hour class that covers basic e-Bike maintenance. So whether you're curious about the difference between an e-bike and a traditional bike, or totally new to cycling, this is a great way to gain a better understanding of your new bike. The course covers taking care of your e-bike battery as well as basic maintenance. You are free to bring your own e-bike to the course or use one of ours. To find out more call us on 01772 347 927.

Parts and Accessories

If you're already carrying out your own maintenance, we stock a huge range of tools, parts and accessories. From consumables such as chains, cassettes or brake discs, to less easy to find switches, connectors, we're here to help. Call us today on 01772 347 927.