Ribble Valley e-Bike Hire

Ribble Valley e-bikers

At iCycle we offer a wide range of e-bikes for hire in the Ribble Valley. We are the longest estabished independent e-bikes specialist in the area. With quiet roads, epic scenery, and off-road trails the Ribble Valley is the perfect location to enjoy your e-bike or try an e-bike for the first time.

e-bikes to suit every type of rider

For over a decade we have been Clitheroe's leading bike shop for e-bikes. We aren't tied to any one brand, preferring to stock only the manufacturers that we feel offer the right quality bikes and the best value. Not only does this ensure you get more your money, it also means we can offer you more choice.

One of our most popular types of e-bike is the folder. Whether you have limited space at the office or at home, a folder does exactly as its name suggests - folding to a fraction of its size. This style of e-bike is also popular with caravan and camper owners, thanks to the ease of storage and the freedom an ebike offers to explore your location or just ride to a restaurant if you're based out of town.

Low step frame e-bikes are now as popular with men as with women. No more having to lift your leg over the saddle, just step through the frame and away you go!

With stunning off road trails and Gisburn Forest trail centre close by, the Ribble Valley is a great location for e-mountain biking. At iCycle we offer a range of electric mountain bikes.

Bike and e-Bike Hire in the Ribble Valley

At iCycle Ltd we offer e-bike hire for people visiting the Ribble Valley or to those who just want to try an e-bike for an extended period before buying. You can hire any bike or e-bike that's in our showroom* for a day or several weeks. If you are planning a visit from outside the area then please feel free to call us on 01772 347 927 to discuss the bikes available to you.

Adult bike hire prices


One day rental collect 9:30am and drop off by 4:45pm.

Rental Terms

      1. All hires will be asked to sign a copy of this hire agreement and provide a form of identification before hand over. We will keep a copy of identifying material produced and this will be disposed when the bike is returned.
      2. Whoever signs the hire agreement is responsible for the bike and accessories relating to that agreement, all of which must be returned in the same condition at the end of the hire period as received at the start, normal wear and tear excepted.
      3. No responsibility will be accepted by Cycles Recycled for loss, damage, or injury to the rider, fellow riders, or a third party and/or their third party property, occurring during the hire period.
      4. Cycling is not risk free but with careful use of the equipment, injury to riders and third parties can be avoided. Hire is provided for personal transport use only and are not to be used for any other purpose, including but not limited to racing, mountain biking, stunt or trick riding, or carrying other passengers. Cyclists should take every care when using bikes. Under no circumstances should electric bikes be used by anyone under 14 years of age.
      5. By agreeing to this hire you are warranting that you have both the physical fitness and the reasonable competence to ride a bicycle.
      6. All riders accept it is their choice to wear a cycle helmet or not whilst riding a bike. Cycles Recycled cannot be held responsible for any injury to riders through not wearing a cycle helmet. We recommend that you make use of a good quality cycle helmet.
      7. Whilst using the public highway, all riders must observe the Highway Code. If cycling off road, please keep to public rights-of-way where cycling is permitted and exercise due care to all other users. You agree to use any bike hired in compliance with all relevant laws and take proper care and precautions in using the bike to avoid damage to the bicycle and damage or injury to any other person or property.
      8. You accept that no bike is left unattended unless it is first secured to a fixed object using a good quality bike padlock through the frame and where possible also the front wheel. Any crime where a hired bike is involved must be reported to Cycles Recycled as soon as possible and to the Police. Cycles Recycled will require a crime reference number.
      9. For conventional bikes at the end of the hire period Cycles Recycled will off to make the bike available for purchase with the cost of the hire deducted.
      10. All hire agreements are at the discretion of Cycles Recycled and can be terminated at any time with suitable notice.
      11. All rights reserved. No part of any Cycles Recycled publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of Cycles Recycled, publisher & copyright owners.